Ali my Artist- I Find The Light in You

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery~ Mark Van Doren

This past weekend we had the opportunity to see our daughter, Alison’s art exhibit in Santa Fe. As proud parents, we are

pleased to announce Alison has 2 pieces displayed! The exhibition consisted of art submitted by SFCC college students, their teachers, and only 16

NMSA high school students were chosen. As you enter the gallery Alison’s is on the far right.

Titled “Holes Inside”

Alison Penn NMSA Visual Art Student

Out of the 16 NMSA students, five were invited to participate in a dialog with other students and a panel of teachers. Questions like “What is art? What does art mean to you? What is our role as artists in society?” were asked and the dialog began. The conversation escalated with the last question. The answers varied from being social commentaries, help simplify society, and reflect our perspective of the world. Alison felt honored to engage with the other artists.

The Artist explains her vision to her Dad.

Alison’s 2nd submission- Self Portrait

Titled “Das Bin Ich”

Pastel  and Charcoal

Cruz Valdez


I love this image: As a mother, my heart swells to witness someone stopping to observe, study, and

meditate on a work of art my daughter created. Yes, there were many tears this night- I am an emotional creature.

The night’s festivities are over and we head out to leave. Our four darling creatures head out together- our 3 sons and 1 daughter-

caught in a moment of togetherness.

I love this moment.

Ali & Christy

Santa Fe Splendor by Christy Penn

Joe Brooks

What is art without music?

Some of Ali’s art projects were inspired by Joe’s music.



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